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As the name suggests, Out-Of-Home media is media outside the walls of the house and office. But more importantly, it is media that you can't turn off…media that you can't throw away or flip into the next page. Out-of-Home media is the "always-there-media." It is media that reaches your target consumers everywhere - all the time, everyday. Find out more about Out-of-Home media.


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TV Ads for the price of a poster campaign? How about screens that spin and revolve so everyone can see the ad? Or interactive wall displays that invite consumers to “play” and be entertained? Synaxis Media is synonymous with innovative media solutions. Learn more about our media spaces, including the largest LED Screen in the Gulf, Europe and Africa.


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Find The Right Media For You

Whether it is intended to build a brand, influence customer behavior or simply provide information, the dynamic visual experience created by Dynamic Digital Posters should ultimately increase sales.

Dynamic digital signage in general is intended to grab a customer ís attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase.
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Sales Ads
Interactive Map
Public Announcements
Classified Ads
Personal Ads (Birthday Greetings)

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